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WELCOME to Nether Lands Wax

Come experience the benefits of waxing at a shop where all are genuinely welcome. We don’t discriminate. Period. We are body-positive, weight-neutral, sex-positive and gender affirming. We meet you wherever you are with your own body acceptance because we already know you are fabulous.

Your BODY is Welcome Here.

  • Your gender is welcome here.
  • Your stretch marks are welcome here.
  • Your hemorrhoids are welcome here.
  • Your pregnancy is welcome here.
  • Your PERIOD is welcome here.
  • Your ingrown hairs, pimples, dry skin, faded tattoos, skin tags and wrinkles are welcome here.
  • Your SIZE is welcome here.
  • Your opinions are welcome here.
  • Your questions are welcome here. (Literally nothing is TMI).


2401 SE 161st Court, Suite C

Vancouver, WA 98683


Mon-Thurs 9:30a-7p

Friday 9:30a-6p

Saturday 10-5p


Amanda (360) 606-0876

Anna (971) 285-6525

Kari (360) 600-3832

Megan (360) 558-9196


BRAZILIAN   $66 for 30 minutes Removes all pubic hair from front to back.  If desired, leaves a decorative patch above your pubic bone. Includes inner/outer labia, penis/testes and gluteal cleft.

BASIC BIKINI $33 for 30 minutes Removes hair along bikini line and inner thigh. Does not include stomach or backside. Basically removes what would show outside of your bathing suit.

EXTENDED BIKINI $44 for 30 minutes Removes hair up to two inches into inner bikini line. Includes stomach. Does not include backside, labia, testes, or penis.

BACKSIDE $6 when added to any bikini service. Cleft only, does not include cheeks.

GLUTES $22 for 15 minutes Includes gluteal cleft, cheeks and a small patch at lower back.

HALF LEGS $50 for 30 minutes Either upper or lower legs including knees, feet and toes.

FULL LEGS $99 for 60 minutes Upper and lower legs including knees, feet and toes. Does not include bikini waxing.

UNDERARMS $17 for 15 minutes

BROWS $17 for 15 minutes
LIP $11 for 15 minutes
CHIN $11 for 15 minutes
CHEEKS $11 for 15 minutes

BROW+LIP $28 for 15 minutes 

FULL FACE $44 for 30 minutes Brows, Lip, Chin, Cheeks

BROW TINTING $22 for 15 minutes

FULL ARMS $44 for 30 minutes Removes hair up to the shoulders, includes elbows, hands, fingers.

LOWER ARMS $33 for 30 minutes Includes elbows, hands, fingers.

BACK $60 for 30 minutes. Includes lower back to base of neck. 

SHOULDERS $11 for 15 minutes. 

CHEST $33 for 15 minutes.

STOMACH $22 for 15 minutes. (Lower stomach is included in Brazilian and Extended bikini only.)

FULL BODY WAXING starts at $300 and is by appointment only. Text Amanda at (360) 606-0876 with questions.

Kari Muhlhauser

Kari Muhlhauser

Kari Muhlhauser



RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Married with children

KIDS: Maddy 21, Max 18

PETS: Pomeranian extraordinaire. Buckwheat


HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A WAXER: 10 years waxing and doing skincare. 

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE PART: meeting amazing people everyday and building relationships with my clients. 

IDEAL CLIENT: people with hair!!

FAVORITE SHOW(S): currently....,little big lies, this is us and....

FAVORITE SONG: impossible to pick. I'm fickle when it comes to music. Love MOST every genre. Depends on my mood. 



Anna Sheffey

Anna Sheffey


BIRTHDAY: November 18, 1981.  I share a birthday with Mickey Mouse, which was a huge joy when I was a disney loving kid. Most people say “well obviously you’re a scorpio,” and I don’t argue. Sex and Death and rock and roll forever.

AGE YOU FEEL: I think I’m perpetually stuck at 28, mentally.  But that’s the age I feel like I finally learned how to be fully myself, so I’d say that’s a great thing! Emotionally, I think I am definitely right where I belong.

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: It’s complicated? I live with my amazing partner, Miles. 

KIDS: Not for me!  I had my tubes tied at 28.  It was not a hard decision for me in any way. See note above about becoming myself. It has truly been liberating.

HOMETOWN: Depends on how you count it, I suppose.  Born in Honolulu, raised in Lake Park, MN, then Hartford, MI.  But Portland is my home. 

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A WAXER: Since January 2011.  What a journey!

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE PART: Laughing with people through the pain.  I just want everyone to be comfortable with their bodies, because I’m totally comfortable with them. 

IDEAL CLIENT: Someone who is learning about themselves as they go, just like I am.

FAVORITE SHOW(S):  Twin Peaks. And like SO MANY OTHERS. Ask me about my tattoos.

FAVORITE SONG: Top three: Medicine Bottle by Red House Painters, Pink Orange Red by the Cocteau Twins, and by Siamese Twins by The Cure.  I like ‘em slow and serious, and really goddamn sad.

FAVORITE DESSERT: Any Pix macaron made with booze.  Mmm.  

Amanda Penelope Westmont

Amanda Penelope Westmont

Amanda Penelope westmont

BIRTHDAY: April 1, 1976. Yes, I'm an April Fool. Yes, it explains A LOT about me.

AGE YOU FEEL: if it’s true that hips don’t lie, I’m 93, but otherwise I’m happy this body has gotten me this far.

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: In 2016, I finally met the partner I had been secretly hoping to find my whole life. His name is Sean and I hit on him on OK Cupid, lived with him for a year, proposed to him in front of 10,000 people, and married him three weeks later. He knows just how to butter my toast. Before that I went through a traumatic 15-year marriage and divorce, dated my ass off (those oats don’t just sow themselves!), had a series of difficult, wonderful (often polyamorous) relationships with both men and women, tons of sexy fun, and even more therapy. There are very few blocks I haven’t been around and I love commiserating with clients over just how hard relationships can be.

KIDS: Alex, my 15-year old and Genoa, my 13-year old, are pretty rad and pretty intense, which is why it seems ABSURD that I’m also currently pregnant with a third child, a baby girl named Ever, who is due on October 26, 2019,

PETS: Lola, a tiny Pomeranian who hates children.

HOMETOWN: I’m originally from the Bay Area, but moved to Vancouver a decade ago for a better place to raise my kids and never looked back.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A WAXER: I’ve been a waxer for seven years and it’s the most wonderful, rewarding work I’ve ever had the privilege of doing. Getting to open my own shop feels like I finally know what I want to be when I grow up and now I actually get to be it every day.

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE PART: I’m an extrovert who lives for connection and trust, so my job is such a natural expression of who I am that I it doesn’t even feel like work to me. Waxing is also an act of self-care that I take incredibly seriously. Bodies are sacred to me and I see my job not just as a waxer, but as an advocate for body acceptance and radical self-love. If you don’t leave here feeling better about yourself in a meaningful way, I’m slacking.

IDEAL CLIENT: I love ALL my clients, from the young students I miss terribly when they leave for college to the middle-aged men whose wives hate their furry backs. I tend to connect most easily with people who are going through relationship challenges and who see getting waxed as a way of taking back ownership of their bodies and their self-care. Same goes for people who are starting to re-embrace their sexuality after years of not prioritizing their own needs. I’m a huge cheerleader for personal growth! Every once in awhile I get extra lucky and find an immediate connection with a new client that turns into a lifelong friendship. Y’all know who you are.


Megan Walker

Megan Walker


We're thrilled to welcome Megan Walker to our team and confident you'll love her sweet personality and gentle touch!

BIRTHDAY: February 11, 1977

AGE YOU FEEL: Hmm...depends entirely on the day. As the brilliant Anne Lamont writes, "I am all the ages that I have ever been." 

RELATIONSHIP STATUS:  Married, no children.

KIDS: My only baby is an 8-month old English Labrador Retriever named Tig.

HOMETOWN: Vacaville, California, but after 29 years in the Great Northwest I feel like a native.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A WAXER: Graduated from the Aveda Institute in 2018 at the top of my class and thrilled to be at Nether Lands!

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE PART: Meeting people and hearing their stories.

IDEAL CLIENT: Someone with hair - and a good sense of humor!

FAVORITE SHOW(S):  I'm one of those nerds who reads more than they watch TV. I remember enjoying the X-Files back in the day.

FAVORITE SONG: Absolutely impossible to pick. From Bach to Beyonce, I am a music lover.

FAVORITE DESSERT:  I never met a cheesecake I didn't like.

WINE OR BEER: Whiskey!


Nufree was developed over 25 years ago to help surgeons remove hair from patients before surgery. Here are just a few of the reasons why Nufree is the most effective hair removal treatment in the world.

• Nufree is soy-based, NOT ACTUALLY WAX, and therefore gentler to the skin.

• Nufree is self-preserving antibacterial and antimicrobial so it’s safe, clean and germ free.

• Nufree is completely BOTANICAL and safe for the entire body.

• Nufree doesn’t dry and can be removed any time!

• Nufree is scientifically tested and uses no animal products.


DOES IT HURT? The short answer is yes, it hurts. The long answer is that there is no such thing as a pain-free wax because there is no way to remove the entire hair follicle including the root without causing at least some discomfort. Pain from waxing varies greatly from person to person and is mostly determined by skin type and genetics, not “pain tolerance.” Each of our waxers has performed literally thousands of waxes and we pride ourselves on using that expertise to minimize the pain as much as humanly possible. Most people say it isn’t as bad as they were expecting.

WHAT KIND OF WAX DO YOU USE? We exclusively use Nufree for all of our services. Nufree is a soft soy-based product that requires strips to remove hair from skin. It was developed to help surgeons prepare patients for surgery. It never hardens, so it doesn’t break hair off the way hard wax often can. We love this wax because it’s botanical, soy-based and antibacterial by nature, but also because it simply removes hair more efficiently than anything else we’ve tried. Nufree is the highest quality wax money can buy and we think it’s worth every penny.

HOW OFTEN SHOULD I COME BACK?  We recommend 4-6 weeks between services.
Hair grows in three cycles per month and that means it’s important to let all three cycles grow out long enough for the wax to be able to uproot the follicles (¼-⅓ of an inch minimum). Some shops try to increase their business by recommending 3 week intervals, but that makes it almost impossible for all of the hair to be long enough to remove and we don’t encourage it. We’d rather you wait an extra week and leave our shop 100% smooth. The more consistently you wax, the less it hurts and the more it lasts.

DO YOU ALSO WAX MEN? Yes, all the time! We love waxing all people and have tried our best to keep the shop gender-neutral. We have priced our services accordingly - all genders pay the same prices for the same services. There is no need to specify your gender when booking. If you would like to let us know your pronouns ahead of time, please add them to the “notes” section when you book your service. (NOTE: Only Amanda and Anna provide Brazilian services for clients with penises/testes. We consider ourselves experts in this area. Please book accordingly.)

IS WAXING SANITARY? Absolutely. Our wax is antibacterial by nature. We wear gloves for every service and we never EVER double-dip, which means that the wax that touches your skin has never come in contact with another human-being. It is impossible to get an STI or any other type infection from our wax. You might get sticky, but any wax residue cleans up easily with either lotion or soap and warm water.

WHICH SERVICE SHOULD I BOOK - A BRAZILIAN WAX, AN EXTENDED BIKINI OR A BASIC BIKINI? A Brazilian wax removes all the hair from the inner/outer labia or the penis/testes and the gluteal cleft. If you don’t want hair on your genitals, but prefer to leave a decorative patch of the size and shape of your choice, please book a Brazilian. If you don’t want to take your underwear off, book a Basic Bikini. If you want something in between, book an Extended Bikini and choose your own adventure when you get here. Backside (gluteal cleft) is included only with the Brazilian, but can be added to just about any other service we provide. (It’s the best part of the wax! Feel free to ask us why.)

WHAT IF I’M MENSTRUATING? Tampon-strings are a daily part of the job for us and we don’t mind them AT ALL. Many clients even opt to get waxed during their periods because we strongly discourage intercourse for 24 hour afterwards and they may be more mindful of that rule while menstruating. It also helps keep your appointments on a regular schedule! One thing is certain - being waxed makes cleanliness a lot easier.

DO YOU OFFER COUPONS OR DISCOUNTS? Aside from our referral program (refer a friend and get $10 off your next service!), we don’t offer any discounts or coupons. Part of what goes into pricing our services is wear and tear on our bodies. Tendonitis, carpal tunnel, shoulder and elbow strain are all incredibly common among estheticians. We will always keep our prices fair and competitive, but we can’t afford to discount services that come at a physical cost to our bodies. (We do hope to be able to offer membership discounts to our regular clientele in the future.)

WHAT ABOUT A REFERRAL PROGRAM? YES! Refer a friend and get $10 off your next bikini wax. Just have your friend drop your name and phone number at checkout and we will send you a thank you text and automatically apply the credit to your next appointment.



The benefits of waxing are plentiful - smoother results that last weeks longer than shaving, less irritation, fewer ingrown hairs, NO ITCHY GROW BACK, less hair growth after each service cycle, and softer, lighter hair. In order to get the most from your service, please attend to the following details before booking your appointment:

  • STOP SHAVING for at least two weeks before your service. 3-4 weeks is even better, but two weeks is the minimum amount of growth your hair needs in order to be long enough. It needs to be ¼”-⅓” to be long enough for waxing.

  • DO NOT TRIM YOUR HAIR WITH AN ELECTRIC RAZOR. Or if you do so, please use a guard that leaves you with at least 1/2" of hair. We are more than happy to trim your hair with scissors. More often than not, trimmers cut the hair too short and we end up not being able to remove it.

  • EXFOLIATE with a rough washcloth or exfoliating cloth beginning several days before your service. Use a circular motion to remove any debris that might be blocking your follicles.

  • START MOISTURIZING as soon as you make your appointment. We recommend coconut oil (yes, the kind you cook with!), but you can use any lotion that works for your skin. Yes, this often means putting lotion on your genitals. Just remember that it prevents breakouts, but does not cause them the way putting oil on irritation-prone areas can. We never see acne on genitals, but we do see hair getting trapped beneath the skin because the follicles were too dry for the hair to grow out. (This is literally what causes most ingrown hairs.)

  • DRINK PLENTY OF WATER for 48-hours before and after your service. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is for your skin to be well-hydrated. Wax can stick to dry skin more firmly than it does to well-moisturized skin and that makes pulling the hair out more painful.

  • TAKE IBUPROFEN (or the NSAID of your choice) an hour before your wax. This is less to help with the pain (sadly, it can only do so much), but it reduces inflammation and significantly accelerates your recovery time. If you’ve been waxed before and you’re in the tiny group of people whose follicles react by swelling (sorry redheads!), feel free to take a Benadryl before your appointment.

  • SHOWER on the day of your service. It doesn’t have to be right before your treatment. This isn’t because we care how you smell. This is because bacteria on the skin can cause you to break out with folliculitis after your wax and we want your experience to be as painless as possible.

  • NO PERFUMES PLEASE. This IS because we care how you smell. We promise your waxer will be far more offended by your perfume than by your natural body odor. It is okay to wear deodorant (even if you’re getting an underarm wax - it actually helps with discomfort). We also prefer if you don’t smoke tobacco right before your service. That cigarette will taste better after your wax anyway.

  • ALCOHOL isn’t necessarily recommended before a wax. This is less about how it might affect your experience and more about how it affects your waxer’s experience. Alcohol doesn’t always reduce your pain, but it can definitely exaggerate your emotional response to it. Marijuana is a better choice if you’re looking for an easy way to keep your cool during your wax (just make sure to drink extra water).

  • DO NOT WAX under any of the following circumstances:

    • You’re being treated with chemotherapy

    • You’ve used glycolic acid or hydroxy acid in the last 48 hours

    • You’re currently using Retin A, Acutane, Renova or Differin

    • You've got a sunburn

    • You’re currently having an STI outbreak

    • You're doing it for anyone other than your own badass self



APPLY COCONUT OIL. We will provide coconut oil to put on at the end of your service. It immediately calms the skin and begins the healing process. Continuing to moisturize daily with coconut oil (or the moisturizer of your choice) is essential to wax maintenance. 

AVOID BACTERIA FOR 24 HOURS. This means no sex, no hot tubs, no excessively hot water, no tanning, no sun, no exercise, etc. We have just opened up all of your follicles and they are prone to infection for up to 24 hours after your wax. Treat your waxed skin like you would a tattoo - like mini wounds you wouldn't want to get dirty. 

APPLY FINIPIL AFTER SHOWERING for the first few days after your wax. We will provide you with a sample packet of this antiseptic lotion to take home and apply to the waxed area. Avoid getting Finipil in or around any mucus membranes because it contains alcohol and can be potentially stingy. Most people find this product delightful, like minty-fresh Listerine, only for your skin. We also sell full size bottles if you prefer to use it every day. 

EXFOLIATE with a rough washcloth or exfoliating cloth beginning several days after your service. Use a circular motion to remove any debris that might be blocking your follicles. DON'T FORGET TO KEEP EXFOLIATING EVEN AFTER YOUR HAIR BEGINS TO GROW BACK. Most clients are great about it while their skin is fresh and smooth and then get forgetful about it once the hair returns, which is the most critical part of the maintenance process. If the follicles are blocked, the hair can't escape and grows beneath the surface of the skin, causing ingrown hairs.

MOISTURIZE. Again, we recommend coconut oil (yes, the kind you cook with!), but you can use any lotion that works for your skin. Yes, this often means putting lotion on your genitals. Just remember that it prevents breakouts, but does not cause them the way putting oil on irritation-prone areas can. We never see acne on genitals, but we do see hair getting trapped beneath the skin because the follicles were too dry for the hair to grow out. (This is literally what causes most ingrown hairs.)

REPEAT your service every 4-6 weeks! 




(360) 600-3832